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Alaska Inferno

Blazing Hearts Wildfire Series



Can a string of wildfires lead to true love under a midnight sun?

Jon Silva is back as a wildland fire investigator along with his reputation as a crack firefighter and a notorious serial dater. But things have changed in Jon’s world. Now there’s only two women in his life… the one he wants and the one who wants him—at any cost.

Liz Harrington returns to Alaska’s Aurora Crew, to fight wildfire to chase seed money for her future business. She saved Jon’s life once and it ended his career as a firefighter. She resisted attraction to him last fire season, but can she quell the feelings that explode into flame when they’re together? Or will her heart be another casualty of the infamous Wildland Wolf?

Someone is setting fires on the Kenai Peninsula. When Jon is summoned to investigate and Liz is dispatched to fight them, more than the wildlands have ignited. What Jon discovers blows his world apart. And while Liz fights the most catastrophic fire in Alaska’s history, she learns everything she’s worked for has gone up in flames.

Liz and Jon race time to find the arsonist before their beloved Alaska turns to ash...and their second chance at love is extinguished before it ignites. Fire is unpredictable and so is love. They must find a way to overcome the lethal forces determined to keep them apart.

Romance, fire and arson… another deadly mix! You’ll love this second chance, action-packed, smoking hot adventure.

Alaska Spark

Blazing Hearts Wildfire Series



Can a chance encounter on a wildfire lead to true love under the midnight sun?

Tara Waters loves being a wildland firefighter and the adrenaline rush of fighting wildfires is her calling. She must be on her game to join an elite hotshot crew in Montana. But when Tara is sent to fight fires in Alaska, her dream falls out of reach.

Sexy Alaskan smokejumper, Ryan O’Connor takes Tara under his wing and counsels her when she fails to save someone on a wildfire. She owes him one, but not her heart just because of his irresistible charm and good looks. Ryan has his own story with plenty of demons in his past. And Tara may be the spark his life needs.

But when a mysterious adversary sabotages Tara on the fire line, she discovers a threat more dangerous than fire—a threat that can destroy everything she’s worked for and second chance for love that could be extinguished before it ignites.

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